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Every Moment Counts

My decision to write this article came from a number of things, one of which is that it is as cold as balls outside, and I just finished shoveling packed snow six inches deep out of my driveway.  I am therefore very ready for a vacation.  Again.

Why?  Because fuck this, that's why.

Why? Because fuck this, that’s why.

I say again, because exactly one month ago I left on a vacation.  On Boxing Day, I left the snowy wasteland of Canada and flew to Las Vegas for the weekend.  Mainly to watch UFC 155 in person, but getting out of the snow and relaxing for awhile was something not to overlook.  Also, come on.  Vegas baby.

The apparently odd thing about this trip was that I was going by myself.  I wasn’t travelling with anyone.  I wasn’t meeting anyone down there.  It was a vacation party of one.

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