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Out In The Wild

I spent this past weekend in a tent.  On purpose.

I was partaking in a family camping trip, which should matter on some level but doesn’t.  What does matter is that when I finally got home, my body felt like I was a horse that had been ridden hard all day and put away wet.  I was exhausted both physically and mentally.  There are people who claim that they go camping to relax, and I suspect these people are either a) masochists, b) hauling one of those house-sized campers with a built-in microwave and satellite dish, or c) lying through their lying teeth, those liars.

After showering off days of camp funk and feeling somewhat closer to the definition of “human”, I logged into WoW and queued an alt up for a PuG.  The story from that point is a familiar one – zone in, run in silence, wipe about a half dozen times, insults fly, people leave, people show up, and kicking and screaming we finish the thing.

I zoned out, logged off, and felt like I needed to shower again.  The sensations twisting my insides were similar to the ones I’d just experienced in the really real world, and why wouldn’t they?  Camping and PuG-ging share many similar qualities.     Read the rest of this entry


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