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Jerks in Online Gaming? Really?!


I like Cracked.

I’m talking about the website, not that crap people smoke or whatever the Hell you’re supposed to do with something named after a part of your ass. is a spiffy comedy site, and they tend to have some interesting articles.  Their latest one discusses seven really jerkwater moves in online gaming, and two of them are pulled from our very own World of Warcraft!  I know – hard to believe, right?  I mean, jerks and asswads in World of Warcraft?  I’d actually heard about one of them, but the funeral incident seemed in pretty poor taste, even for me.  Putting it in context – a guy who has a general apathy toward my fellow gamer at the best of times, thinks some of these are in poor taste.

Some.  Others are pretty damn devious.  I respect that.

Decide for yourself and check out the article over at


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