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Fury Warrior Succumbs To Flood

Fast food makes you retain water.

Short post this weekend.  Herculano, World Explorer / Conqueror, will have to wait for another day.  I spent the weekend bailing water out of my basement, patching leaks in my sunroom, and wishing much hateful pain on Mother Nature.  Something involving nail guns, open sores, and fire ants.

Wednesday is the first batch of Blizzcon Tickets going on sale.  I’ll be all over that @ 7pm Central, and probably disappointed by 7:01 Central.  I’m going by myself, but I’m planning on trying to buy two tickets.  Contemplating what to do with the other ticket should I survive the queue – sell it to Alt’s guildmates, maybe set up a contest on the blog and offer it as a prize?  Who knew that Fury also meant insane!

Tomorrow after work, I may have some time to ride around and get some exploring done.  I’ve already completed Northrend, and I’d like to save Outland for the last “continent” to explore.  Any suggestions as far as where I should explore next?


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