The Culling


This brief conversation did two things for me. First, it saved me money because I was planning on getting all my heirlooms back on one server, which meant I had to give a damn about a character to the point where I’d justify the server transfer.

Second, it made me want to find all of my heirlooms. Damn, I had a lot of heirlooms.

I don’t have the time to play characters on multiple servers, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one heavy stone. I’d go through alts on other servers, and if they didn’t have some kind of serious meaning to me I’d delete them. It was also an easy way to find heirlooms, because I’d get an error message telling me the deletion wouldn’t be allowed because the character had something in their mailbox, or they had an heirloom somewhere.

Many alts were deleted. Many heirlooms collected.

Spring cleaning, a few months too late.


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