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Brawler’s Guild and Pet Battles

Damn you Pet Battles.   Damn you to Hell.

The very idea of Pet Battles should be in violation of some kind of legislation.  I mean, you’re taking these cute little vanity pets and you make them fight each other to the death.  These little Butterflies and Pugs have spent entire expansions as eye candy, and now they’re expected to throw down like some kind of arena gladiator.  It’s like putting two kittens in a cage and making them duke it out.

Pet Battles - so cute it should be illegal.

I will end you!

… okay, maybe I don’t really want this outlawed.  I guess I just need to be saved from myself.  I mean, Pet Battles might not break any kind of real legal laws, but they do seem to oppose the very laws of time and space.  Specifically, time.  I’ve seen this phenomenon with my own eyes – you sit down to fire off “just a couple of Pet Battles”, and suddenly three hours have disappeared faster than Lindsay Lohan’s jail time.  What the what?  Where the good goddamn did that time go?

I managed to kick the vanity violence habit once.  But last week I just happened to come across a few websites (like this and this and this and this) that discussed Pet Battle teams.  One of them involved my favorite pet, the Clockwork Gnome (I call him Jeeves, naturally).  Reading the posts reminded me how much fun he was to use.  So much fun, in fact, that I decided to use him to powerlevel a couple of low level pets.  No biggie, right?  I’ll only use him for a little bit.  Just a couple of lousy pets.  Nothing excessive.

Sure.  Right.  The “Just the tip” mentality.  It NEVER works.

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