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TGIF – Gold Farming Like the Pros

The Gold I Find. Quite applicable today, since it is pretty much about finding gold. On mobs. That I kill. Repeatedly.

I almost feel guilty about posting this video. There’s no secret location here, and no surprise reveal. In fact, I think I may have posted a similar video to this in the past. The location being farmed is well-known to farmers (not Halfhill farmers, but they’re already got a sweet location for gold). It’s popular, easy to get to, and with a Potion of Luck it can be pretty lucrative.

There’s two reasons I’m posting this video. One, the author does a very good job in explaining what makes the spot valuable. Two, he gives some insight in using this pre-90 as a potential XP spot, with all the pros and cons included.

Like I said, this is a popular location. Umren, a gold-making mogul on Twitch, also uses this spot for farming Guo Lai Keys. Here’s a guy who is committed to making gold, and goes into detail about swapping to dead servers for farming. Gold, tips, and a wicked looking hat.


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