About Me

Hooray!  Someone clicked on the page!

If you are reading this, you have somehow stumbled across my blog.  I say stumble because there’s no way you came here intentionally.  Seriously, you clicked on the wrong link.

The Man

That right there would be the “brains” behind the voices that chatter away in this blog.  Not much to tell on that front; I’m just a dude from Canada (EH!) who has been playing video games since before there was an Internet, and have enjoyed writing since before there were computers to do so.

I’ll let that sink in. But not for too long, for as you can guess I am old and obviously running on borrowed time. Sand through the hourglass and all that.

The Myth

I’ve pretty much run the gauntlet of gaming consoles – Atari 2600, Intellivision, Coleco, switching over to the Commodore VIC20 when home computers were first introduced. Remember saving files on a cassette drive? Of course not, for you are not as ancient as I, and therefore not as bitter about it as I am.

My first MMO was the Father of WoW, Everquest. I played that for close to seven years, if I had to guess. Kicking and screaming I came over to World of Warcraft, then just forgot to leave. So here I am.

The Legends – as of 8/27/14

Since coming back after a year-long hiatus, I changed my playstyle as well as playable characters. Boosted characters, new characters, and characters left in the dust. Some farm, some fight, all are near and dear to my heart. Some nearer than others.

Rukgut is the OG around these parts. He was the First, my Orc Hunter, and all bow and pay respect to him. He doesn’t see much action these days, but that doesn’t mean he can’t throw down if he has to.

Herculees is my Frost Death Knight. He was number two of my DK’s, but moved his way up to top Plate-wearing killer.

Doomsdae is my Blood Death Knight. I boosted him to 90, and he’s basically my farming character. Easy to do, since Blood DK’s are damn tough to kill.

Rokk is my Windwalker Monk. He’s in the leveling stage, and despite all the love he’s been getting I haven’t decided if he will see end game, or simply end up as an Auction House dealer.


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