Screenshot Saturday

With my busy University schedule, I have exactly one day of free time.  In that day I shop, visit with family and friends, and kill things in World of Warcraft.

This was my Saturday of Slaughter.

Death Knights are the bees knees.  I have multiple Death Knights, which means I play on multiple servers.  Having marveled at the power of my Tauren DK, I decided to take my 85 Orc Death Knight, Merculano, out for a test drive to see just what he was capable of.  I wanted to try a DW spec rather than 2-Hander, so he had one Phantasmal Hammer that he picked up from that AH.  Other than that, he was wearing greens.

I knew I wanted to take him out to the Mote of Harmony farming zone I had mentioned in a previous post.  Along the way I came across a level 87 elite crab strolling down the beach.  Could this plainly geared DK survive an encounter with something with that kind of power?




As Merculano crossed the Dread Wastes, he drew the wrath of a big ugly lizard.  A level 90 lizard.  Might as well see if that DW spec was any good.




His final test came when he caught the attention of multiple nasty bug people, casters and stabbers alike.  Oh well, the corpse run wouldn’t be too painful.

For them.

For them.


Drunk with power, I switched over to Extremis, my level 90 Alliance DK.  He was my best geared Death Knight (but not that great – a couple of valor pieces) and I decided to try and get him into the elusive (and exclusive) Brawler’s Guild.

After a furious bidding war on the Black Market AH, Extremis won yet another battle by winning an invite!

You gotta pay to play, and pay more to bleed.

You gotta pay to play, and pay more to bleed.


I didn’t want to brag.  After all, the first rule of Fight Club    Brawler’s Guild is that you don’t talk about Brawler’s Guild.  So Extremis flew to the top of a nearby hill and clicked on the invite.

And was immediately reminded of the First Rule.

And was immediately reminded of the First Rule.


Riding the wave of victory and destruction, and seeing as how it was getting late, I decided to end my Saturday by picking a fight in Brawler’s Guild.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and suspected that maybe Extremis should change his spec to a Blood DPS build.  But I didn’t.  Out of respect to Brawler’s Guild, I didn’t screenshot any of the event.  I’ll let the text box tell the entire story of how it went.

Now I really don't want to talk about Brawler's Guild.

Now I really don’t want to talk about Brawler’s Guild.




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  1. Everyone loves Bruce!

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